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Directional Drilling

Today's wells are often drilled with directional control at various angles from 0 to 90+ degrees of inclination.   And the complexity of directional requirements can be critical whether avoiding nearby wells or landing the well in a horizontal pay zone.

DRILL-IT - Directional Drilling provides advanced steering analysis and control:
  1) Automatic steering performance analysis
  2) Instantaneous directional drilling directives
  3) Optimized trajectory / minimize tortuosity
  4) View of relative position to wellplan
  5) Project to bit using slide history
  6) Standard reports
  7) Geosteering integrated with 3D geo-model

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Torque and Drag

Friction between the drill string and the wellbore is one of the most important factors in the drilling industry and being able to monitor it in real-time is critical in successfully drilling and completing (casing run) to planned well depth. 

DRILL-IT Torque and Drag:
  1) Detects imminent issues such as stuck pipe
  2) Assists in hole cleaning practices
  3) Facilitates getting casing to bottom
  4) Detailed reports and charts

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The circulating system is the life-blood of the drilling process.  It is a critical component that determines wellbore stability, reservoir protection and hole cleaning condition.

DRILL-IT Hydraulics:
  1) Wellbore stability
  2) Reservoir protection
  3) Annular fluid velocity/pressure
  4)/Cuttings transport/Hole Cleaning
  5) Equivalent circulating density (ECD)
  6) Detailed reports and Charts

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